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Merging high impact skin care with environmental consciousness. PWDR is obsessed with providing the purest skincare in the most sustainable way. Our "Bring Your Own Water" Skincare philosophy is a simple solution to reduce skincare toxins, excess packaging and shipping emissions.


Not to dog the skincare industry, but PWDR's founder quickly realized it was being done all wrong. Adhering to the philosophy that "what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body" (because let’s face it, your skincare also gets absorbed into your body), PWDR took a cue from the food industry. Yes the food industry. PWDR realized that all the amazing health products (think greens powder, protein powder, vitamin packs etc.) all had something in common - no water. There is a smart, logical, and healthful reason for this - Simply by having water in a formula, a slew of other stabilizing ingredients like harsh preservative, emulsifiers and binders are generally needed. This is also true for cosmetics.

It's a simple but impactful concept - you provide the water, we provide everything else. Creating both a cleaner and a customizable skin care product.

Beyond being able to take out many harsh ingredients, no water formulating also produces a more impactful product with a smaller impact on our environment.

First, we realized that by reducing the harsh filler ingredients, the concentration of impactful ingredients went way up, creating a more potent product while still maintaining a completely legible ingredient list.

Second, our environmental impact went way down. Traditional skin care can consist of up to 70% water. Since we dont include the water, our powder based products are packaged and shipped in their smaller lighter form, with some even expanding up to 10x their weight, once water is added.

Better for your skin and better for the earth.


Who we are...

PWDR's founder Carrington grew up in cosmetic labs and surrounded by skin care conversations for the last 30+ years. Her mother has developed skin care lines and her brother expanded the family business by opening a respected cosmetic formulating and manufacturing lab. Before heading into the family business, Carrington was a attorney, working her way up to the managing attorney position at a nationally recognized law firm known for its consumer advocacy in toxic exposure cases. Over family dinners, they would discuss the changes in the cosmetic world, with a focus on clean yet effective formulas. Talk quickly turned to how to actually make a product that is as clean as possible. Every conversation always came back to water. Because with water based formulas you generally need harsh preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. – essentially all the types of ingredients consumers generally don’t want on and in their bodies. Finally, Carrington said “how about we just take the water out?” The rest is PWDR history.

PWDR not only aims at creating the cleanest products possible, but also to reduce the negative impact consumer products have on the earth. We aim to provide both innovative products and to educate consumers about what actually goes into their skincare.

Animal Testing & Byproducts


All of PWDR’s ingredients are vegan sourced except for honey and silk peptides, which are both insect byproducts. PWDR is cruelty free committed, and none of PWDR's products are tested on animals. Further, we take this commitment up our supply chain and none of our manufacturing labs test on animals and none of our raw ingredients are tested on animals.

We are not perfect, but we strive to make PWDR a step towards healthier skin and a healthier world.

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